Monday, October 18, 2010


Alright readers. My stay here has been short, but I have already decided it is time to make a change. I'd like you all to meet my new co-writer Haley.

Awe... look at her little duck face... Sorry Haley! =P
Basically, Haley is going to write a post every Monday, and she'll help me out with any posts that she has a particular interest in. Recently, Haley has been playing Fallout, Red Dead, MW2, but NOT Reach (she refused to buy it cuz she hates me...), and she was pretty much raised on the Resident Evil games. Today, she's going to co-write the post, and as of next week you can look forward to hearing all about her take on videogames, in her own solo post. (She also feels its important you know that she likes yellow and long walks on the beach.)

Today is a particularly interesting day for Haley and me, because we're here to talk to you about something you all should know about...pre-marital sex and the value of abstinence! *wait for it...* Haha I can't even say that stuff with a straight face. Instead we want to talk to you guys about the release of Fallout: New Vegas!
Disclaimer: I'm keeping this as short and sweet as possible, just know that I've got it down to the bare-bones essential information! So, essentially what we know of the storyline right this second is that are a character called The Courier. You're supposed to deliver this package to a town called Primm, but on your way you get ambushed and curb-stomped and shot and all sorts of bad things happen. Luckily for you, there's this little robot that saves your butt and takes you to the town of Goodsprings, which is where your part of the story starts.
So basically Haley is a big baby, and is scared of the brand new Hardcore Mode. This new mode features Stimpaks and RadAway that heal over time, ammunition that does NOT defy the law of physics (ammo that weighs? jeez this is hardcore...), and what I feel is the most difficult part, you actually have to feed, water, and rest your character. To long without sleep and you're in trouble! Hardcore mode really makes the game have a much more real sense to it. Good luck to Haley and all your hardcore maniacs!
Another cool feature added to New Vegas is weapon mods. These actually were added specifically because of the popularity of a player made mod, in Fallout 3. You can add up to 3 mods to any non-special weapon, but buyer be warned! These mods are permanent. Currently we know of scopes and extended magazines as weapon mods, these are seriously going to be a cool new addition to an already killer arsenal in Fallout!

Just to wrap up a few other cool additions to the game, a few changes have been made to the companion idea. A new wheel has been added that allows for easier companion management (this is good because I loved Fawkes... but good gawd was he useless). Also, they brought back karma (sweet I have to beat the game 3 times for achievements...again...), but they added a new flavor, called reputation. Basically you can build a standing with any of the factions, and get a few benefits from that faction! Bethesda also decided make the game have more of an FPS feel, by allowing the use of iron sights. Sweet. One more thing from me, and then we'll get to a few of Haley's ideas. Two words: Damage Threshold. Some enemies cannot be harmed by certain weapons, which brings a whole new level of strategy to what you carry on your person. Make sure to save some heavier weaponry!

Haley shared most of my ideas but also had a few ideas of her own that I refused to touch. Read on haha.

"They better have good hairstyles instead of 'Wendy the Welder' types this time because I am tired of looking like I climbed out of a ditch. Also they better have smokin' hot skanky armor for all us single ladies out there, like in Fallout 3 they had the armor called 'Bombshell armor.' I was down with that. Oh, and don't worry not all my posts are gonna be about clothes!"


  1. i cant wait to get off work so i can go get new vegas and play!

  2. its lookin really sweet. i know haley is excited, and im pretty excited too!

  3. I want this game sooo badddd. Hi haley!! :D

  4. Excellent post my friends. I'll be looking forward to all blog posts from you guys in the future.

  5. it goes without saying we're looking forward to presenting those posts in the future =D

  6. New Vegas looks amazing. I've heard it's everything that Fallout 3 was supposed to be. Y'know instead of Oblivion with guns.

  7. I was so mad when I was reminded when New Vegas comes out, cause I was then reminded that I have no money to pay for it. >_> I raged.