Monday, October 25, 2010

Haley's Heroes

As a girl, I feel I’m obligated to make some sort of list of really hot women who kick butts as my first post.  This is totally okay by me because I’d totally marry any one of these ladies and live happily every after, if they were real.  It’s a Top 4, by the way, because I didn’t feel that any other girl was worthy of the list.  Anyways, shit’s about to get real, and you’re all about to be super turned-on. 

Kitana – As a kid who was raised on Mortal Kombat; ( And Warcraft2 – Holla! ) I feel that it’s necessary to include my favorite scantily clad female.  Kitana is a, like, 6 billion year-old princess who used to be an assassin for her stepdad Shao Kahn before she found out he was a big fat jerk, and she spends her days constantly kicking the butt of her really ugly clone, Mileena.  Also, she has two bladed fans that pretty much just kick everyone’s butts by themselves.  Oh! – And she uses the Kiss of Death.  Who doesn’t love the kiss of death?
I don’t think she could possibly wear LESS. Gotta love those MK girls. ;)
Samus Aran – What does anyone have to say about Samus Aran? You think she’s just a really tough dude, chillaxin’ and chargin’ up his laz0rbeams and stuff. Then what? BAM IT’S A GIRL.  And also, BAM YOU’RE INSTANTLY ATTRACTED TO HER. Then she’s like ‘Oh, no big deal, I was just an orphan-turned-bounty hunter with really cool spliced DNA. I can pretty much do anything.’ And she really actually can do anything – It’s 1,000 degrees in here? NO PROBLEM. This tunnel is only 6 inches wide? MORPH BALL. I need to climb up a vertical wall? SPIDER BALL. There is nothing this gal can’t do, and we all love her for it.
Totally the only picture I found where she wasn’t drawn in anime-style with huge knockers.
Lilith – Let me just let everyone know, that I have a major girlcrush on this fox.  There’s not much back-story on Lilith, but you don’t need a back-story when you kick this much patootie. Nobody else I know can work a pink-and-white a-line bob paired with a crop top and skin tight chaps like this gal, and that alone makes you edgy in the fashionista world.  But, getting back to the main deal ( Matt won’t let me talk about fashion for the WHOLE entry ), she’s a Siren, she can phasewalk, she has a pretty dang cool skill tree, and she looks good while she’s kickin’ butts. What more could you ask for?
She’s got leeegs for miiiles.
Claire Redfield – My number one foxy lady of the day. She made her debut in Resident Evil 2, and I fell in love. ( I even bought a red/pink vest with a collar and wore it when I played! ) She goes from cute little innocent doesn’t-even-have-a-gun-Claire, to ass-kickin’, zombie-shootin’, smokin’ hot babe.  Any woman who can take on a whole horde of zombies, mutants, and beasts with really gross tongues while surviving on little green and red plants and toting around a helpless kid is okay in my book.  Skanky-dressed Ada Wong even stepped in and Claire was like ‘Bitch, no. GTFO. I own this game.’ I honestly think she was tougher than Leon Kennedy. Long story short; Claire rides into town, mows down zombies, survives the apocalypse, wins our hearts, and at the end of the day she rides off on her sweet hog into the sunset to find her brother.
(“Let’s go.”  LET’S GO!? Oh, no big deal, just carryin’ around this kid in an ugly vest and kickin’ guys in the face. LET’S GO.)

So that’s it, boys and girls, my top 4 videogame ladies.  Love ‘em, hate ‘em, they’ll kick your sweet behinds either way.  And this, has been my first post. J

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  1. I watched the resident evil movie on Stars on demand one time ( the CG one like u posted) it was very good and i suggest ppl find it and watch it. Imo better then some of the RE movies

  2. No Lara Croft ? I am dissapoint.