Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Robot Unicorn Attack

Alright ladies and gents, I am extremely embarrassed to even be making this post right now, but what the hey it might be fun. I am usually against the idea of Facebook games, and games of the sort, but this one deserves special recognition. Not because it was particularly well thought out, not because it has any new game mechanics that push the boundaries of gaming, and sure as hell not because its Farmville. 
Ha. Farmville. THAT was a wasted summer. Anyway, the Facebook addiction I'm struggling with is called Robot Unicorn Attack. It's a platformer essentially, and you control a Robot Unicorn just running and jumping and hanging out. You get three lives, or "wishes," as the game calls it, to rack up as many points as possible. Not a whole lot of substance to it, but it is wildly addicting. My best score is 55,743, go ahead and try to beat it. The absolute BEST part of this game, is the music that goes with it. I think it's hilarious. The music video is below, but I'll warn you it is super mind boggling crazy. Post your scores if you think you can beat me!


  1. I'm glad I never got into that game.
    Me and my addiction to a new game habits.

  2. I got sucked in Cartown but I stopped!!