Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Star Wars Rogue Squadron

I've only got one class on Tuesdays because registration Gods have smiled upon me. I love Tuesdays because it means that I get to come home, eat some Fruity Pebbles, and do whatever I feel like doing. Today, I felt like breaking out the good old N64, blowing on some cartridges, and having myself a nostalgic couple of gaming hours.
Now the biggest dilemma facing me as a gamer, is what little gold nugget do I want to pop into this ancient piece of technology. Super Smash is no good, because everyone is in class. Same goes for Mario Party. I could go for some Mario 64, but lets face it, we've all beat that one about 100 times. So I decide to go for an old favorite of mine, Star Wars Rogue Squadron.
Once I got this golden oldie on my mind, my day was over. I have a paper and two tests to get to, but let's be honest. I'd much rather blow up Imperial scum than write a 6 page paper. This was the first game I ever had for the N64, when i was about 8, and I have a huge emotional connection to it. Some of my favorite cheats allow me to fly the Millennium Falcon to take out any baddies. I played through about half of the campaign before my eyes could no longer talk the blocky graphics and I had to do some real work. Regardless, dont forget about your old consoles when you're bored of your more modern stuff! I had a blast with this old school flyer.

 A little gameplay footage of the first mission. Skip to 1:39 for the actual footage


  1. i wanted to play n64 so bad i bought a used one off amazon haha

  2. Death Star Trench. GOLDEN PART OF MY CHILDHOOD. Felt like a bad asssssss

  3. That brings back some memories... post more 16 bit era games!

  4. death star trench = favorite level. followed by the one where you are flying through Mos Eisley canyons, as like a race. Yes.

    And Smurf, I had such a blast playing this oldie, that I will most likely do a few more. Problem is, I don't have that many N64 games anymore =( look forward to seeing a few in the future though!

  5. Maybe you should quit laying around and get a JOB. Just kidding, who needs those. I support this blog!