Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Posts In a Single Day?!?!

So basically, I'm pretty bored just bummin around the house, and I decided to get back on here and leave another post. This one will be on topic with the idea of the whole blog, so that's sweet.

The reason I am bumming around my house is because (as I said in the first post) I am recovering from a few injuries. I am training for a marathon coming up about a year from now, and because of training there, I had a hairline fracture in my left foot. I spent about a week recovering from that, and almost all signs of it are gone now. However, a week after I fractured my foot I was out playing Ultimate Frisbee with a few high school friends. We are pretty intense when we play (as U.F. should be) so at one point I had to dive to make a catch. I braced myself against the ground using my right hand and I ended up breaking a small bone in the middle of my wrist. It did not, and does not hurt to bad, but the break required trips to two different doctors, and I am now stuck wearing a supportive brace for the next 4-5 weeks. Although the brace is a lot less restrictive than a cast would be, it still puts a damper on my training, as well as my video game playing.

That's my wrist... it's broken.
No worries though! I will be back in action soon enough.

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