Sunday, October 24, 2010

UPDATE: Fallout: New Vegas

A few things before I get to today's post. One, I have spent the last 20 hours writing a 41 page paper, for a class I'm taking, so my creative juices are a little sapped right now. That's my excuse for just doing an update, as opposed to talking about a new game. Two, don't forget that Haley makes her solo debut on the blog with her own post tomorrow! I've read through her post, and I'm not gonna give anything away, but it's a quality post! I'm excited for that tomorrow. Three, Haley is gonna kill me after today's post.

I'm not sure I agree with this video on everything... but it brings some issues to light.

As for the update, I've been playing Fallout as much as I can. I gotta say...after writing the pre-release post, I was super excited for the game, but after spending some time with it I'm not sure I can recommend this game to anyone. It's seriously just a reskinning of Fallout 3, with a few new posts. I honestly forget what I'm playing sometimes, and feel like I'm back in D.C.

Also, SUPER GLITCHY. There's just so much weird stuff happening that I'm not sure if I'm playing an alpha, or an actually released game. Floors fall out from under me, my gun is constantly shifting on my screen, and enemies phase in and out of existence. I'm not sure that this experience is typical, as I've been told I'm exaggerating, but this things have all happened to me. It's reminiscent of the bug-fest that was Two Worlds.

All in all, this is only a mediocre attempt at a Fallout game. It's not awful, but it's not great. A few things work, a few things don't. I'm just about 50/50 split.

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  1. oh god the chair guy with the spinning head, that was funnier than it should've been