Monday, November 8, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Alright everyone, it's that time of year again. The leaves are turning, the weather starts getting colder, we start looking forward to the winter holidays, and of course, there is a new Call of Duty. CoD has become an integral part of my November schedule and I can't decide if it's for better or worse yet. In today's post Haley and I will be working together to explain the huge number of reasons you SHOULD buy the newest Call of Duty: Black Ops, but I'll end with the single reason I WON'T be taking part in the newest Activision release.
The game sticks with the first person shooter perspective, thankfully, but that may be the only thing that Treyarch kept from the previous CoD games. Obviously there will be a new campaign, multiplayer has recieved a massive overhaul, and players are given a brand new arsenal of weapons to destroy their enemies with (dynamite crossbow anyone?).
Campaign will be pretty much the same cookie-cutter experience players have had before. Players will switch between two characters for the duration of the story. They are part of a black ops group, so basically they are doing stuff that can't be public knowledge. It seems to be pretty much the same campaign game, with a different plot (slightly). Matt isn't sure how he feels about playing the same campaign he's been playing for years (or how he feels about writing in the third person...)
Multiplayer is what really had me (Matt) sold on the game from the get go. Watching some of the pre-release videos really got me going. Uhm...*cough* anyway. There are some really cool game types. I don't know the exact names, and I can't find them with my limited internets... but I know the basic ideas! There's one where everyone starts out with the same weapon, and once you get a kill with that weapon you get a new one. That repeats until you get to the last weapon, and whoever gets to the end first wins! Generally the weapons get more powerful the more kills you have (so it might look like pistol to shotgun to assault rifle to sniper rifle?) but that looks like a fun game type.

That paragraph got too continuing on multiplayer! I love love LOVE that they are bringing back split screen online multiplayer (from CoD3) and zombie mode (from CoD WaW)!!!! This alone was almost enough to sell me on this game. They also have a level up system that resembles the ones used since CoD4. They are also bringing in something like Halo: Reaches daily challenge system. Players can buy "contracts" which expire after a while, but offer experience bonuses. This will definitely help speed up the leveling process...

So after reading all that... you must be wondering "Why the heck would Matt refuse to buy this game??" It boils down to two things guys, 1: this is the 7th game in the Call of Duty Series (I think... I may have lost track) and honestly... I haven't seen a whole lot of innovation. They found something that works, and they're sticking to it, which is fine, but I'm bored with it. 2: With all the drama that went down with Activision, and a lot of the people leaving that had worked on the previous Call of Duties (I said doody) I am just not convinced that this game will be up to par with previous games. The other games weren't flawless by any means (See my CoD MW2 post) but they were playable, and fun. Anyway, that's just my two cents.
Haley's Closing Thoughts: There isn’t a whole lot about Black Ops that we haven't already said.  We share opinions most of the time (unless we’re talking about Mortal Kombat or sassy gay friends), so there’s never anything I can add.  My dad will probably end up buying this game so I’m sure I’ll get around to playing it sometime, but it’s by no means a pressing matter.  The campaign will be basically the same, the weapons will be basically the same, and we’ll all be left wanting more.  Just like every other Call of Duty game ever made.  Prepare yourselves to be disappointed, people.


  1. Picking this up tomorrow, cant wait, I might even take Wednesday off lol

  2. Gonna go over my friends house when he gets this game ^_^

  3. Yeah it's over hyped, but it's still going to be fun times. I think.

  4. damn, i want this now just because of customization. i love me sum custom stuff

  5. it gets too much credit, but its still fun.

  6. thanks for your review ! I don't think that I'll buy it too, I'll stay with the good old mw 1

  7. in this game are you still immortal able to take millions of bullets and healing in some seconds without dying?its like the character you play is wolverine

  8. What you say? The game is bland and generic? Woah, I better sit down for a moment and let this sink in. What a shock.

    Good article, but games like this and the people who fall for them make my blood boil.

  9. Good point, still probably end up playing though