Monday, November 1, 2010

Haley's History: Crash Bandicoot

Today I find myself in the clutches of nostalgia ( thanks to Matt ). My PlayStation was my heart and soul, and you can’t talk about PlayStation without talking about one of the classics. Today, it’s Crash Bandicoot. Do I have to tell you guys how absolutely awesome this game was? Actually not even the game, the SERIES. Every single game that Crash Bandicoot makes an appearance in; I’m in love with. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back was my number one favorite, followed by the first Crash Bandicoot, then Crash Team Racing. I know I can’t be the only one who was obsessed with Crash Team Racing. So quality.
Anywho, on to the real deal. Crash Bandicoot is, well, a bandicoot. He has a really cute bandicoot sister ( who, in hindsight, probably should’ve been on my list of favorite gals ). And he’s plagued by this guy with a really big forehead and practically no hair, Neo Cortex. I don’t really know why he’s in the game, besides having some scheme involving something vaguely threatening. Depending on the game, you have to collect some sort of crystal or gem or other precious stone, and get little wumpa fruits along the way. And well... that’s about it. So simplistic it’s ingenious. In the games, the camera is usually behind Crash, which makes it kind of difficult to maneuver through the levels, but when I was 6 it was just the greatest thing. I could play this game forever and be happy. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. And if I hadn’t given my PlayStation away in a blind act of philanthropy, I’D BE PLAYING IT RIGHT NOW. /sob
Favorite aspects;
-THE BONUS LEVELS.  If I couldn’t get every, single, box I was one angry 5 year-old. 
-The sound the bounce-boxes make.
-When they would stack two of the multiple-bounce boxes so that you could jump between them.
-Those levels in Cortex Strikes Back when you get to spur a baby polar bear to victory.
-The music that played when you got 3 Aku Aku masks and were invincible.
-The secret levels in the first game that came up when you got certain gems.
-The big fat tiki man boss, Papu Papu, and Pinstripe Potoroo, the tommy gun boss.
-The belly flop move.
-Coco Bandicoot’s hair.
-The Komodo Brothers.
-Crash’s dance in Cortex Strikes Back.

Worst aspects:
·          -Ripper Roo’s laugh.


  1. I remember that game, so awesome.

  2. Crash Bandicoot was my first PSX game. It's also one of my favourite game series of all times.

  3. I love the old crash games, so I had to re buy them on the ps3, they're just classics.
    Crash team racing was incredible aswell, soooo much fun.

  4. i love all the classic games, i still play n64 every few days

  5. Brilliant games, was looking to buy these again earlier on today xD

  6. I love crash bandicoot! They don't make games how they use to :(

  7. I missed crash, hopefully they will bring him back.

  8. oh yeah, these games were cool. I played a lot of Crash Team Racing myself

  9. Crash team racing provided many hours of entertainment for me in middle school!

  10. Used to love crash back in the day. Nice blog, you got a new follower!

  11. Very informative post looking forward to more.