Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sly Cooper

I decided that if I do a game a day, I will quickly run out of decent games to talk about. To solve the material problem, I decided to start doing some posts on characters from individual games. Eventually I'll probably circle back to characters from games I've already posted on, but today I'm going to talk about Sly Cooper.
Sly is from a really good series that I have enjoyed playing since I was... probably 12? You take control of Sly and a few of his friends to complete a series of missions in order to pull off a huge heist. Oh, did I mention they are all robbers? Anyway, Sly Cooper is in three games, and the storyline is continuous throughout.
In the first game, a gang led by Clockwerk steals the book that contains all the Cooper family thieving techniques. Long story short, Cooper beats the hell out of Clockwerk. Cue next game: the parts of Clockwerk get stolen and split up by a new gang, and Sly goes around getting all the parts. Cue the third game: Cooper goes into this weird creepy mansion looking place to get into the vault of wealth that his family left behind.
And no I didn't forget about Cooper's love interest Carmelita Fox. I just decided to give her her own paragraph. Carmelita is in all the games and she is always trying to catch Cooper, even though they help each other out sometimes. She's super fine (for PS2 graphics) and they have got some chemistry. She provides an excellent change of pace when you're getting tired of wailing on bad guys.
Anyway, Cooper is pretty awesome. And his friends are pretty awesome. And Carmelita is pretty awesome. And the games are pretty awesome. And I'm pretty awesome too. Have fun with your CoD Black Ops, I'm gonna go play Sly 2.


  1. Haha. Have fun with your CoD Black Ops, I'm gonna go play Sly 2.


  2. nice, looking forward to the next update

  3. that game always looked cool to me... but I never got a copy :(

  4. anytime a see a fox in a videogame, I cant help but think : "DO A BARRELL ROLL" Thanks Peppy

  5. I still have this game. Cel shaded was like the Hd of its day :D

  6. sweet! they look like cool toons!

  7. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one